Strawbs On The Lawn

For Jubilee Strawberries we created an immersive #StrawbsOnTheLawn experiential event as part of our ‘Good Taste’ campaign. Our strategy was to get consumers to taste the quality of the strawberries (once tried, there’s no going back to other varieties). Our quintessentially British picnic, complete with faux grass, in a high footfall area of urban London, saw our sampling squads inundated, giving away 15,000 strawberries by mid day. Showstopping Strawberry Bouquets, Strawberry Bay Trees and ‘Straw Boater’ dress-up photobooth, further brought the brand’s premium proposition to life - engaging consumers and ensuring mass sharing of compelling visual collateral across multiple owned and earned social channels. Jubilee Strawberries received its highest number of social media impressions since the launch of its Twitter feed.

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