Read about our latest engaging social media campaign as part of our Energizer EcoAdvanced launch.

Following our launch of Energizer EcoAdvanced (the world’s first high performance battery made out of 4% recycled battery materials) which saw us create a kinetic sculpture of Tower Bridge made out of 83,000 used batteries, we set leading bloggers a ‘re-imagination’ challenge. Their task was to upcylcle worn out household items, transforming them into something new, and therefore demonstrating how waste can be turned into wonderful - clearly on-message for new Energizer EcoAdvanced.
We sourced influential parenting and lifestyle bloggers from our exclusive ‘Social Inner Cirkle’ and gave them a kick start by providing bespoke ‘prop’ boxes included anything from milk cartons and cereal boxes, to mopheads, lampshades and EcoAdvanced batteries. The campaign has resulted in multiple blog posts and re-imagined items including a stool (made from the actual prop box) adorned with fairy lights powered by Energizer EcoAdvanced, a space station, a plantpot and a paintbrush holder. All blogs included key EcoAdvanced messages and the wider, integrated campaign has already helped Energizer gain +1.3% market share in the last year, to 21.9%. It has also driven new listings and increased share of fixture, with market share continually increasing to 24.4% in the last 4 weeks.

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