To generate awareness and influencer engagement ahead of the launch of men’s grooming product - Control GX from Just for Men (shampoo that gradually reduces grey), our team built early advocacy among consumer media and online influencers, positioning the product as a ‘must try’ innovation.

We delivered ‘Man Crates’ to targeted media, bloggers and Vloggers, equipping the likes of Shorlist, GQ and Hair magazine with low-maintenance grooming kits that included quick-drying towels, waterproof iPad cases and Control GX.

Recruiting four influential male bloggers to trial the product and create photo and video diaries showcasing their results, we also supplied them with Control GX products for giveaways to their followers.

To further drive expert recommendation, we’re also harnessing the power of leading barbers in the social media space, arming them with GoPro cameras to capture their customers’ real time-results with Control GX. This footage will be edited into content for Just for Men’s Twitter feed and website.

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