As part of our Cheestrings & Yollies Brave Bones Club campaign, we engaged the brands’ internal stakeholders by bringing The Creepy Crawly Show into their head office.

The Creepy Crawly show delivered a medley of insects and other animals to the offices for teams to get up close and personal through a number of ‘jungle challenges’. This created a relevant platform to bring the campaign’s objective – encouraging kids to play more adventurously - to life.

The team of 60 got down and dirty with a bevy of pythons, cockroaches, tarantulas and eagles and unleashed the chatter and images through social media. As well as showcasing our campaign video (current reach 355 million), our Brave Bones Club brand ambassador - kids’ TV presenter & adventurer, Steve Backshall, armed all attendees with his Deadly Detectives book.

Suffice to say, our brave Cirkle bods overcame their arachnophobia.

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