Why did the chicken cross the road/farm? To meet our Cirkle team.

We truly immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of the happy egg co. - the latest client to join our fmcg portfolio. Complete with wellies, our team (including our MD) got first hand experience about the company’s ‘gold standards’ in hen welfare as we visited Bulbourne Farm - a free-range farm in Tring - to experience a day in the life of their hens.

Because nothing is more important than the happiness of the ‘girls’ (as their hens are known), the happy egg co. farms are unlike any other – featuring specially designed activity kits, dustbaths, nesting boxes, special feed, open spaces and passionate farmers.

We’re kicking off our first piece of PR activity which will look into actually measuring the happiness of hens, so watch this space for results of compelling research, designed to engage influencers and consumers.

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