We recently attended The Future Laboratory’s amazing annual (and hugely iconic) Food & Drink Trends forum to hear a veritable feast of Futuregazing predictions across the food & drink sector as well as consumer behaviours.

Transparency and sustainability continue to be cited for brands to stand out as it’s no longer enough to pay lip service - brands must embrace their role as educators and address consumer demands and the needs of the planet.

‘Educating Eating’ is big too as eating behaviours of younger generations see Gen.Z enter their teens with more food health awareness (and spending more on food) than their Millennial counterparts did.

Emerging consumer groups also include ‘Low Impact Eaters’ – also known as ‘Reductarians’ who live by sustainability, and ‘The Upstreamists’ who view healthy food as a preventative medicine.

‘Anti-intuitive Cooking’ will also continue to rise as consumers spend more time reading about, looking at images of and tagging food on social media than they do cooking it.

And with on-the-go consumption ever increasing in our convenience dining culture, brands need to continue to create new formats for ‘grab and go’ eating.

Look out too for other rising trends including ‘Activism Dining’, ‘No-Bar Bars’ and ‘Terroir Spirits’.

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