To support Mission Foods’ diversification strategy, we created a ‘first’ for our client when we recently launched its new and inspired Street Food collection (including Street Tacos, Taco Shells, Italian-inspired Piadinas).

As street food and healthier on-the-go eating choices continue to fuel sector growth, we invited the trade foodservice media to the ‘home of street food’ - London’s iconic Camden Market to immerse them in an eclectic street food tour. Our team worked in advance with three influential street food vendors to showcase

the brand’s versatility, serving a selection of global flavours to the media wrapped up in the new products, including the Smoked Paprika and Jalapeño flavoured tortillas.

With a formal briefing held at Camden’s eccentric Gilgamesh restaurant, positive media verbatims included: “No one has ever done a street food tour before, fantastic idea”.

We ensured our clients were prepped for interaction with the media by putting them through our MediaPRoofed media training which took place at our in-house Broadcast studio.

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