To launch new Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste to the trade media, our strategy focussed on engaging key influencers in an immersive brand experience.

Our media roadshow put Virtual Reality at its heart to ensure journalists experienced, and clearly understood, the science behind the product innovation, through an animated video, played through VR headsets.

The 3D film took the media on a journey into a 'tooth' to show how Sensodyne Rapid Relief takes effect deep inside the tooth’s dentine tubules to relieve sensitivity in 60 seconds. By immersing media in a digitally-driven experience, we demonstrated how Sensodyne's parent, GSK, continues to harness innovation across the pharmacy channel.

Our VR tour saw 14 leading journalists, from retail and pharmacy titles taking part in the initiative and all receiving branded tubs of ice cream ... the ultimate proof of no tooth sensitivity!

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