We are celebrating again as we’ve been shortlisted for our HiPP Organic social media campaign in the ‘Low Budget’ category of the Social Media Comms Awards.

Our campaign for the leading organic baby food brand was based on insights that found mums were digitally savvy and uber connected via social media, whilst our social listening established that many new mums were active on social media at 2am during the night feed.

These insights shaped our comms platform, resulting in the #HiPP2amClub social media campaign which enabled the brand to join the consumer conversation at a critical time, delivering brand awareness, engagement & enabling likeminded new parents to become part of an online community. Our calendar of engaging content was rolled out and published every day at 2am, resulting in Facebook and Twitter reaches outperforming all other posts published by the brand, by 40%. HiPP’s Facebook and Twitter accounts also saw a 25% increase in community engagement during the 2am time compared to posts that were put up during office hours. The campaign has proved so successful that it has now become a permanent feature of HiPP’s social media content calendar.

We’re keeping big fingers crossed!

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