We’ve won yet another gong for employee engagement – our second in two months. We are now officially the UK’s Best Consultancy To Work For, according to our staff and The Holmes Report which surveyed multiple PR agencies to establish staff satisfaction.

The survey solicits employees' views on the integrity of senior management, the quality of professional development, as well as empowerment and risk-taking to compensation. Being selected as a Best Consultancy to Work For by the Holmes Report is considered the ultimate benchmark of PR agency culture and workplace performance, in an industry whose primary asset remains its people.
The Holmes Report commented ‘From its headquarters is in bucolic Buckinghamshire, a half-hour train ride from central London, Cirkle has created a progressive workplace culture that has earned it numerous awards over the years. The highlights include a first-class employee wellness programme, an emphasis on work-life balance, the “Raising the Bar” training, and flexible working initiatives - all key to helping attract a first-rate workforce. The agency ‘good mojo’ culture sees it committed to trust, flexibility, reward and career development. Cirkle’s team describes the agency as “proud, passionate, motivated and motivating, caring - about its people, its clients, its results, its reputation, its future, its values, its culture.”

Others enthused about “the passion that each individual shares in achieving a common goal of happy clients. When something needs doing, no one steps away - everyone is willing to roll up their sleeves to help, no matter what the level. The senior team live and breathe the vision and values of the company.”

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